Daggerwound 2013

by Daggerwound

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released March 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Daggerwound Sherman, Texas

Daggerwound Kills.

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Track Name: There's no Art in Giving Up
Stand outside my porch and smoke a cigarette down deep
The smoke is filling up my lungs
My throat is dry, my lips are cracked, I'm aching in the knees
The grass is dead, the trees are frail, and everybody

I can't find a purpose anymore
I'm just a motherfucking trainwreck
Wrapped inside a battered body
And I'm so tired

I count the hummers on the highway, but not before my change
I'm 13 cents short of a soda
All I ever read about is politics and gasoline
And sex and drugs and violence, and people bursting at their seams

And I hate feeling guilty
I hate all my friends
I hate the fact that I can't think of any fucking words anymore



I hate the fact I'm forcing this, or that it's forcing me
That people stray or bite their tongue for bullshit poetry
That everyone is telling me it's going to be okay
When it isn't. It simply isn't.
Track Name: Like it Ever Fucking Mattered Anyway
I learned a lesson as a boy
I wasn't special, maybe coy
I was different, I understood
That I might not get what I think I should
Stay aware and have a plan
A backup and a trustful man
Perhaps a day will stomp its hooves
And loved ones toss me to the wolves

Here I stand at 25
Broken, battered, but alive
I can't change, but what's the use
When your whole life has been abuse
Take the knife inside your fist
Plunge it deep, enjoy the twist
When bullshit music's built your tomb
I welcome home my daggerwound
Track Name: iPathy
Don't leave home without your iPhone
You can't stand her Instagram

I remember playing out in the woods
My parents and I both understood
Don't talk to strangers, you'll sense danger
And if you do, just leave, don't linger
Now iPads accompany six year olds
Now a fix is what you're sold
Mainline gizmos, attention's hurled
Instead of looking at the world

There's no need to know about it
Until they make a show about it
Track Name: God is Dead
One more child out on the street
One more kid smelling defeat
Blurry sights through a broken nose
As his pill addiction takes it's hold
Capsules fueling theft and lies
His mind inside just tries to hide
But the cross is skinny, his crimes are fat
And you're all pointing where he's at

I've seen this before, this unholy war
Angel soldiers
Throwing the spears, and bathing in tears
Bloodlust fueling
Criminal desires, baptizing through fires
And one more innocent escapes
But dies outside the holy gates
I've seen this before, this unholy war
No more

God is dead

And gone without a trace
Defaced for all the human race
And all the shrines built in his name
No longer hold the shield of shame
So dig the dagger, twist the blade
Press it deeper, call his name
Collect the jewel, beseech the sate
All for the collection plate

I was born the son of man
I crawled up from no grave
My throat was slashed, my body burnt
My children sold as slaves
Track Name: Kerosene and Baseball Bats
Today I stood by and watched my best friend (I fucked this up)
Get beaten by some degenerate
I didn't even lift a finger
I didn't even let guilt linger
I picked my best friend up off the ground
He tried to speak but only gurgled sounds
Spewed forth from anger, set in stone
I told him to watch his fucking tone

Cuz I'm not a motherfucker to be trifled with

We wound up walking sixteen blocks
And getting fucked with by the cops
All my rage, inside was growing
Each step I took, it seeped to flowing
I will not be fueled by the lies I'm fed
I will not be ashamed of this life I've led
My grudges and hushed sounds
This whole fucking ghost town will pay

This whole fucking town will pay

All I need is to set one trap
Some kerosene
And a baseball bat
And I will tear this city apart

I've been bleeding for years
And now I'm hemorrhaging
Been bleeding for years, and now

All I see is you claiming to be someone
With hopes yet dashed and a love that's come undone
But I see through your built up bullshit
Sadness sells and you know this all too well

I have come to challenge the masterpiece
I am willing to give it all up for free
I have come to challenge the masterpiece
I will give it all away

It will always be us versus them