Fall Sampler

by Daggerwound

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Recorded in an attic over two days in Oklahoma. Torn Shoe Records 2014


released October 22, 2014

Nothing we do would ever happen without the unflinching support of Timmy Lane, Nicole Sanford and James Fleming. Cover photo taken by Lauren Clark in Waco, TX.



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Daggerwound Sherman, Texas

Daggerwound Kills.

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Track Name: Let the Bad Times Roll
Waking up is a chore
When you sleep next to a whore
She dreams of wealth and good times
I'm awake. I'm crying.
Remember last year
When I bought you that necklace?
Or the times I
Lie here, still, just helpless

So please go home

Bring back the six years I gave you
When you were shit faced and I bathed you
Bring back all those hidden love notes
Bring back the girl I loved
Please leave his clothes back at his place
Please wipe most the shame off your face
I know you give more than I see
I just wish you'd give it to me
Track Name: Runner
I learned about betrayal
Before I could fucking read
And revenge is flowing through my veins
You'll see it when I bleed
I've connected all the dots
I see where you stand, you motherfucker
And you feel me in your spine
Yeah, I know you can, you motherfucker
So let me bring free of these chains
Let me soak up all the piss in my veins
Let me be your timely doom
Let me be your dagger wound
I have never been so selfish
And I cannot wait to see
What's in store for us

I will never put truth by you
I will never stand beside you
I can trap and I can bind you
I will find you

Yeah it's finally starting to show
You're caught up in the undertow
When everyone has turned their backs
And I can smell right where you're at

Perhaps my judgement's clouded
Perhaps I could be wrong
Perhaps there isn't any honesty
In this death threat turned to song
But you know exactly what you've done
And that I'm looming near
So I'll lick that cold sweat from your neck
And whisper in your ear

You were always a fucking coward

I've never been so ashamed to call somebody friend
Track Name: Three Years: A StrangeSex Cover
Three whole years of wasted time
Seasons change, everything dies
Thought that I'd accomplish something
But this place has left me fucking
Braindead and empty
My body is numb
My clothes are all dirty
And covered in come
Every day I do the same shit
Fuck this place, I fucking hate it
Give up, move on, is this what you want?
Fuck your advice, I don't need it
I'm just holding on to what I've got
If there's a future, I can't see it
Track Name: I Came Out in 9th Grade and Promptly Got the Shit Beaten Out of Me
I am a moving target
I am a flaming faggot
I don't need you
To encourage my lifestyle
Or stand against it
I am a walking time bomb

Time bomb